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Real Happiness® is a Vedic Meditation School located in Rishikesh, India (The World Capital of Yoga). This is the best way of treating yourself with quiet time and going into deep thoughts, of self-introspection. As lush Green Shivalik ranges in your backdrop and beautiful sunny mornings assists your soul to reach superlative level of inner outer peace.

This land is known as Dev Bhumi (God’s Land) making it even easier to connect deeply with self, and to actualize all your positive affirmations in no time, as we are blessed with constant shower of blessings from the almighty on this holy land of Ganges.

Countless Yogi’s have meditated on this land for ages and achieved liberation over the years therefore created a zone of positivity in the air, establishing it to be one of the most powerful spiritual places on earth.

28 Days Meditation Course

The 4 weeks Meditation Teacher Training Course (TTC) is best for who want to become a teacher.

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Spiritual Programs

14 Days Meditation Course

The 2-weeks Program is best for those who are beginners and want to explore India.

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7 Days Retreats

The 1-week yoga and meditation retreats best for travelers and Indian culture lovers.

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Meditation Benefits

Best place for meditation in India

  • Clarity in thoughts keeps you calm
  • Enhances your proficiency to focus
  • Strengthen your awareness competence
  • Reinforce your occupational aptitude
  • State of tranquillity in each instant
  • Prolonged attentiveness & alertness
  • Deepens your brain’s intellect & stillness
  • Intensifies your temper & associations
  • Amplifies your skill of retaining
  • Heighten your reliability
  • Deepens the feelings of Empathy
  • Unlocks the door for being creative
  • Make right choices without doubt
  • Expands horizons of understanding
  • Increase your wisdom
  • Increase the power of focus

Meditation Programs and Courses

The course is exquisitely designed in alignment with Vedic sciences and with the appropriate applied techniques of Meditation. Our teachers are dedicated to unravel reservations, (if any) in a detailed manner with technical & logical backing that crosses an individual’s mind regardless of them being a beginner or advanced level practitioner.


What is Meditation?

A large number of people worldwide however are perplexed about Meditation as they contemplate Meditation is just sitting calm with closing eyes.

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What is Meditation?
Holistic Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats

Change is the only constant as stated by-famous Greek Philosopher Heraclitus. Therefore as humans we are constantly thriving to adapt in this ever- changing environment, sometimes causing undeniablestress & anxiety in our system. At times we tend to manage this stress by emotional eating, or emotional drinking, leading further harm to self.

Nevertheless few parts of India manages to dwell slowin the lap of Mother Nature, holding on to its traditional culture & ancient rituals. Therefore along with right guidance of holistic food, Yoga & Meditation, one can acquire these life skills to make a balance even in this constantly changing inner & outer environment.


Meditation Retreats

Meditation Retreats is an opportunity to learn Indian techniques of meditation as well as the tradition and culture. In this beginner program of meditation, the student learns yoga asanas and pranayama, shatkarma, meditation theory, mantra chanting and more. The education seeker and nomad traveler who want to explore the Rishikesh, India in a pilgrim way, this retreat is best fit for them.

This retreats is not only study focused but also it has an everyday tour to explore the nearby tourist attractions such as natural waterfall, ashrams, heritage and much more. Breathtaking mountain views stay and tasty Sattvic Indian food will give your body and mind a miraculous feeling. Find your inner peace and balance, nourish your inner self, get the real serenity, discover the secret ways to be happy and healthy with Yoga and Meditation. So why waiting? Come and join to understand the culture and spirituality of India which lies honestly in the beautiful streets of Rishikesh.


Traditional Meditation School in India

Real Happiness® offers the course and retreats focused on self-realization and awareness which helps to balance between mind and heart, harmonize the soul, enhance life quality, and much more.



Updated on: 02/08/2021

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