Real Happiness is a Vedic Meditation School located in Rishikesh, Northern India. Rishikesh is a spiritually renowned town, as it has been the noted yoga capital of the world. Rishikesh is legendary for its natural beauty as it is situated on the banks of the Ganga River and is the lush forest gateway to the Greater Himalayas. Rishikesh came into the global spotlight during the 1960s when the famous British band, The Beatles, spent time in an ashram to learn transcendental meditation. Today, Rishikesh remains famed for its ancient history of yoga and meditation.

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Traditional Vedic Meditation School

The Indian Vedic Ashram system centers on self-realization, kindness (personal and community), self- healing and self-love. Our holistic courses are designed for all levels of practitioners. Beginners might have curiosity in learning more about meditation or might have started their own practice. Advanced practitioners might be looking to deepen their own practice or interested in teaching others.

Our programs are designed to cultivate peace and wellness. The ashram is settled along the natural beauty of Rishikesh at the foothills of the Himalayas. Rishikesh has a rich and ancient history in yoga and meditation as many noted practitioners have come to deepen their practice.

Thus Rishikesh is home to an incredible number of sites. The course will provide opportunities to explore this history from visiting ancient temples and ashrams, outdoor meditations sessions along the Ganga River to joining trekking tours in the Himalayas.



Get hours of work done
without distraction.


Calm your mind.
Reach inner peace.


Be relaxed in life and
do what you love.

Our courses are designed for practitioners of all levels from beginners to advanced.

Beginner Courses:
  • Yoga Meditation (150 hours)
  • Yoga Meditation Retreat (7 days)

The beginner course takes a holistic approach to understand the fundamentals of meditation. Beginners can range on a wide spectrum from curiosity and never having tried meditation to wanting to learn additional techniques. Courses are comprehensive to ensure theoretical,self and guided components. The course will help students cultivate and deepen their own meditation practice.

General Course Coverage:
  • Cleansing (detox)
  • Breathing Practices and Techniques
  • Meditation Postures
  • Foundations of Meditation
  • Guided Meditation
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Vedic Transcendental Meditation
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Philosophy
Advanced Courses:
  • *Teacher Training (300 hour - Intensive)
  • Kundalini Meditation
  • Silent Meditation Retreat
  • Vipassana Retreat

Our advanced courses are immersive programs covering extensive topics to help students deepen their practice as well as lead and conduct their own meditation sessions.

General advanced course coverage: Bhagavad Gita Philosophy, Kundalini Meditation, Advanced breathing techniques, teaching methodology, meditation nidra and more.

*Noted courses are designed for those who are interested in becoming meditation teachers.

For those that are unable to dedicate time to an in-person immersive course, we also offer online meditation classes to accommodate for busy schedules.

Meditation Center in India

Based in this ancient vedic knowledge, we offer Teacher Training Courses beginner to advanced levels in the following:

  1. Yoga Meditation Course (150/300 hours)
  2. Yoga Meditation Retreat (3-7 days)
  3. Kundalini Meditation Course
  4. Silent Meditation Retreat
  5. Vipassana Meditation Retreat (10 days)

Courses will consist of practical and scientific techniques including Shatkarma (cleansing), Pranayama (breath control), Yoga, Meditation (theory and practice), Indian Vedic Philosophy, Mantra Chanting and more.


Real Happiness


We ensure your stay in a neat and clean place, which is a homestay-type accommodation with an open kitchen, library, yoga hall, and other important facilities.

Deep Study

Our study pattern is deep. We have several courses and retreats to change the body and mind. We have experienced teachers who are from Rishikesh, India.


We have 7+ years of experience serving the courses and retreats for health, fitness, and wellness. The quality is our epigraph that we deliver with love.

Sattvic Food
  • Ayurvedic Spices
  • Cruciferous Vegetables
  • Delicious Greens
  • Balanced Grains
  • Roasted Seeds
  • Nuts & Dry Fruits
  • Beverages
  • Detox Tea
  • Detox Juice
  • Ayurvedic Herbs
  • Legumes
  • Fresh Dairy
  • Himalayan Salt
  • Mineral Water
  • Organic Honey
  • Fruits & Raw Salad

Note: The gluten-free food, vegan food and raw food (salad) also can be provided on request.


Real Happiness® is a name of trust, spirituality and happy lifestyle.

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Our Gurus


Sanjay Raturi (Meditation, Philosophy Teacher)

Sanjay Raturi was born near the source of the holy river Ganga in a Brahmin family. He started to chant mantras and practice meditation since childhood. Sanjay is an experienced teacher of Mindfulness, Vedic, Kundalini & Chakra Meditation, and others.

For Sanjay, meditation is a complete lifestyle and a well-designed daily schedule that includes mantra chanting, karma yoga, yogic diet, meditation practice, meditative Nidra, evening Satsang and worship, and peaceful aware sleep.


Harmindra Ji (Yoga Anatomy, Physiology)

Yogi Harmindra is an experienced Yoga Anatomy and Physiology trainer who has been teaching for many years. He has studied at Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar. He is brought up in Rishikesh and practicing Yoga since childhood.

For Harmindra, the body is an important instrument to achieve a higher level of awareness and peace. To control the mind, one should give the right direction of body energy first. If we are able to harmonize the body and mind, we can reach a good level of spirituality.


Naina Ji (Mantra Chanting, Meditation Teacher)

Naina has a Master's degree in Yogic Science, from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University in Haridwar. She has completed a 200-hour teacher training course. She's certified in Basic and Advanced level Pranic healing. She has attended 11 days Vipassana Meditation Program.

Naina has been teaching Pranayama, different techniques of Meditation, and Vedic Mantra Chanting in Rishikesh. She's skilled in teaching mindfulness, silence, transcendental (TM), and Vipassana Meditation.


Ankush Ji (Asana, Pranayama Teacher)

Ankush holds a Master's degree in Yoga from HNB Garhwal University. He is a certified 200 Hour trained yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. His journey began with the practice of Hatha Yoga and was later introduced to Vinyasa Flow where asana is connected to breathing.

Ankush has more than 6 years of teaching experience in Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama. He has a keen interest and knowledge in Hatha, Ashtanga & Restorative yoga, Yogic breathing techniques, Shatkarama, and yogic kriyas.


Real Happiness has provided the best possible education within the science of meditation. It focuses on deep study through theory and practice, and has a unique approach in making the students truly experience what meditation really is. They aim in giving the students a broad set of tools and knowledge within a wide variety of meditation techniques.

A great Meditation school , that offers the opportunity to learn how to awaken the power of the Kundalini energy. I think it is the only school that follows you throughout your spiritual journey, even when you come back to your home. Through group lesson on the journey of sadhana. A sangha that welcomes you and make you feel part of a family, made up of many wonderful soul.

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